As we are receiving a number of inquiries, I thought it would be helpful to spell out Sterling’s position on Atmos. To start, Atmos is an exciting format and when done well, it offers an incredible listening experience.

That said, for a format not yet established, it’s hard to imagine something more complicated and capital intensive to implement. The current rush of releases is being subsidized with the goal of building a revenue model for Atmos, currently there isn’t one. If these efforts are not successful, it feels unlikely the subsidies will continue, and the excitement could evaporate quickly.

If Atmos becomes a successful commercial release format, Sterling will focus on Atmos mastering. We have no plans to pursue Atmos mixing as this would put us in direct competition with the engineers who support us.

While we watch how the roll out goes, Sterling is working on plans for a stand-alone facility developed from the ground-up for Atmos mastering.

More news as it happens.