Sterling Sound Mastered Albums from Bon Jovi, Norah Jones, Usher and Madonna Specifically for iTunes To Optimize Sound Quality

(New York, NY– Feb 21, 2012) Sterling Sound have mastered albums such as Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet” and “Have A Nice Day”, Norah Jones’ “Little Broken Hearts”, Usher’s “Climax”, and Madonna’s latest single “Give me all your Luvin’’” specifically for iTunes Plus AAC files to optimize sound quality.

Mastered for iTunes albums are mastered specifically with the iTunes and iOS platform in mind, ensuring the delivery of the music to listeners with increased audio fidelity, more closely replicating what the artists, recording engineers, and producers intended.

“The ability to audition what the encode will sound like is huge,” added Ted Jensen, Sterling’s Chief Engineer, “Traditionally mastering engineers were the very last step in the chain and could hear precisely what the consumer would hear whether on vinyl or CD.  That crucial step was missing completely in workflows for mastering for digital downloads until now. We believe that this initiative is a big step forward in achieving high quality audio for the future of the industry.”

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