New from Sterling Sound: Certified masters

The Problem

Broadcast Wav has become the standard format in music production; used in mixing, mastering, archiving and transmission to online distributors.

But how can anyone who receives a Wav file be certain it’s authentic?  That it’s the approved version not a reference? That it hasn’t been re-processed or watermarked? That it’s for MFIT not the CD?

Our Solution

Sterling has developed Certified Masters, a complete authentication system for Wav files.

Verify a File »

How Does it Work?

Using our online verification tool, anyone with a wav file created by Sterling after September 1, 2013 can confirm the following:

•    Status – approved, awaiting approval or cancelled
•    Intended Purpose – MFIT, HD Tracks, 16 bit for CD, 24 bit for archiving
•    Provenance – The source the file was created from as well as the date and engineer
•    Verification – Guarantees that the audio has not been altered