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Yo La Tengo’s New Album “Fade” Released Today

Indie group Yo La Tengo pictured after mastering with Greg Calbi.

Greg Calbi photographed with Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley and James McNew.

On January 15th Yo La Tengo’s thirteenth studio album “Fade” was released. The indie veterans have been active for three decades, miracuously staying relevant without conceding to the musical vogue of the moment. They have been loyal to Sterling engineer Greg Calbi, who has mastered every one of their studio albums since May I Sing With Me (1992) as well as many of their EP’s and compilations.

The trio have had, and continue to have, one of the more decorated careers in indie rock. Notably absent is the internal strife of The Pixies, marital dysfunctions of Sonic Youth, or the erratic reclusiveness of Jeff Mangum; rather, YLT is dependable in content and consistency. They have not gone more than four years without a lapse between studio albums, usually just a hiatus of two to three years (the term hiatus is misleading as these sabbaticals often featured the release of an EP or compilation), all while playing sold out shows to their dedicated fan base.

Below is a music video for the album’s first track “Ohm.” It was shot in Overlook Park in Portland, Oregon and directed by Josiah Marshall and Chris Cantino. As inspiration for the video YLT’s Ira Kaplan shared: “I am reminded of the oddball great Beach Boys song “A Day in the Life of a Tree,” from Surf’s Up and sung on that record by their manager at the time Jack Rieley (adequate vocalists obviously being hard to come by in the Beach Boys proper), covered once and only once by YLT–Sept. 17, 1998, at Maxwell’s.”

Their new album, released on Matador, is available on iTunes and here.

Yo La Tengo, “Ohm” Music Video

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